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Export YouTube subscriptions

The steps below as well as the resulting file name are different depending on your Google language settings.

  1. Open Google Takeout.
  2. Check if you are on the right account, as you might be using a "brand" account on YouTube.
  3. Under Create a new export choose YouTube and YouTube Music.
  4. Click on All YouTube data included and only tick subscriptions in the dialog that opens.
  5. Click on Next step, make sure Export once is chosen and click on Create export.
  6. Wait until the export creation is finished, then on the same page click on Download under Your latest export that should now be visible.
  7. Extract the downloaded archive and find the file subscriptions.csv.
  8. While logged into your Invidious account go to Subscriptions -> Manage Subscriptions -> Import/Export -> Import YouTube subscriptions, select the file you just downloaded and click on Import.