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Lists of third-party projects that use or support Invidious.


Name Description Links
FreeTube A desktop libre software YouTube app for privacy.
Playlet A Roku TV YouTube app that uses Invidious as a backend. Roku Store
Clipious Unofficial Invidious client for Android
Yattee Alternative YouTube frontend for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV.
CloudTube A JavaScript-rich alternate online YouTube player.
HoloPlay Progressive Web App for music connecting on Invidious API's with search, playlists and favorites.
GTK+ Pipe Viewer YouTube client for Linux.
PlasmaTube YouTube client for Linux. KDE Applications
WatchTube Powerful YouTube client for Apple Watch.
TubiTui A lightweight, libre, TUI-based YouTube client. For desktop.
Ytfzf A posix script to find and watch youtube videos from the terminal. (Without API).

Browser Extensions

Name Description Links
Privacy Redirect Redirects YouTube to Invidious, Twitter to Nitter, and Instagram to Bibliogram. Source / Firefox / Chrome
Alter Firefox extension that redirects YouTube, Twitter and Reddit to Invidious, Nitter and Teddit respectively. Source / Firefox
SponsorBlock A crowd-sourced extension to skip sponsorships. Support invidious instances if enabled in the options. Source / Firefox / Chrome
Invidious Copy URL Adds context menu options on Invidious to copy shortened YouTube URL at current time or not (Requires using developer mode in Chrome or a developer version of Firefox).
View on Invidious View page on Invidious (bookmarklet).
Inviduration Firefox extension that shows total duration of playlists on Invidious. Source / Firefox
Redirector Extension for Firefox and Chromium that can manually be configured to process Invidious Redirects. For details, see the setup page to use it with Invidious.

Userscripts for Invidious.

Name Description
Invidious Redirect Redirects YouTube URLs to a deprecated instance, but can be edited to redirect to a different instance.
YouTube to Invidious Scans current page for YouTube embeds and replace with (Can be edited to use any preferred instance)
No-Youtube Userscript to replace YouTube links to Can be edited to redirect to a preferred instance.
FYTE Replace all YouTube embeds on a page with the video's thumbnail. Click on the thumbnail to play the video. Invidious is supported in the Options panel (redirects to by default, can be edited).
Privacy Redirector Userscript to automatically redirect to different private frontends, including Invidious. Can be configured to redirect to specific instances of the user's choice.
Simple Sponsor Skipper Userscript based on SponsorBlock that is pre-configured to work with multiple Invidious instances, but can be easily altered to use any instance desired by the user.
Invidious Preferences Userscript Userscript for enforcing preferences across multiple instances, through URL Parameters, and without using browser cookies. Works in tandem with Privacy Redirector and Simple Sponsor Skipper. See here for more information about URL Parameters.

Extensions that Integrate Invidious into other Apps

Name Description Links
UntrackMe Android app to rewrite YouTube links to Invidious. Can optionally play videos in the app as well.
iPhone Redirector Shortcut Automatically open YouTube videos in Invidious (iPhone shortcut).
FreshRSS Extension A FreshRSS extension to directly embed videos from Invidious channel feeds.
Kodi add-on Watch YouTube videos in the Kodi media center, using the Invidious API. Privacy-friendly alternative to the YouTube API add-on.


Name Description
Invidious-Updater (And Installer) Automatic install and update script for Invidious.