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Browser extensions for Invidious

  • Privacy Redirect: Redirects YouTube to Invidious, Twitter to Nitter, and Instagram to Bibliogram. Source / Firefox / Chrome
  • Alter: Firefox extension that redirects YouTube, Twitter and Reddit to Invidious, Nitter and Teddit respectively. Source / Firefox
  • SponsorBlock: A crowd-sourced extension to skip sponsorships. Support invidious instances if enabled in the options. Source / Firefox / Chrome
  • Invidition: Firefox extension that redirects YouTube links and embeds to their Invidious counterpart without any call to YouTube. Source (deprecated).
  • Alternate Tube Redirector: Extension to automatically open YouTube Videos on alternate sites like Invidious or Hooktube. Source
  • Invidious Copy URL: Adds context menu options on Invidious to copy shortened YouTube URL at current time or not (Requires using developer mode in Chrome or a developer version of Firefox).
  • View on Invidious: View page on Invidious (bookmarklet).
  • Inviduration: Firefox extension that shows total duration of playlists on Invidious. Source / Firefox
  • Redirector: Extension for Firefox and Chromium that can manually be configured to process Inidious Redirects. For details, see the setup page to use it with Invidious.

Userscripts for Invidious.

  • Invidious Redirect: Redirects YouTube URLs to
  • YouTube to Invidious: Scans current page for YouTube embeds and replace with Invidious.
  • No-Youtube: Userscript to replace youtube links to
  • Invidious Audio Mode: Adds a headphone icon next to all video links. Handy for those that just want to stream audio and not video.
  • FYTE: Replace all YouTube embeds on a page with the video's thumbnail. Click on the thumbnail to play the video. Invidious is supported in the Options panel.

Extensions that integrate Invidious into other programs and apps

  • UntrackMe: Android app to rewrite YouTube links to Invidious. Can optionally play videos in the app as well.
  • iPhone Redirector Shortcut: Automatically open YouTube videos in Invidious (iPhone shortcut).
  • FreshRSS Extension: A FreshRSS extension to directly embed videos from Invidious channel feeds.
  • Kodi add-on: Watch YouTube videos in the Kodi media center, using the Invidious API. Privacy-friendly alternative to the YouTube API add-on.
  • Another Kodi add-on: Seems to have been more recently updated than the above.

Utilities for Invidious